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Established in 1998 Waste Giant is one of the fasted growing, most innovative Waste Management companies in South Africa.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the Waste Industry, Waste Giant offers a full range of Waste Management Activities in both General and Hazardous Waste streams.

Activities include:

Onsite Waste Management, Transportation, Site and Industrial Clean-ups, Demolition, Landfill Management, Project Management and Consultation.

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 Waste Management With A Difference

Our focus is to implement an Environmentally Friendly Waste Management Solution to all our clients and minimize the volume of waste directed to landfills by implementing and promoting recycling and alternative use for waste streams.

The difference referred to in our slogan refers to our people. Waste Giant has a staff contingent well qualified in all aspects of waste removal, waste recycling, landfill management, fleet management, health and safety. We have state of the art quality management systems developed over many years aligned to international ISO standards. We have our own diversified fleet of purposely fitted vehicles for all Waste Transportation.

Our clients include local and international conglomerates, small and medium enterprises in all economic sectors and even private individual residential home owners. We pride ourselves in the relationship we have with our clients and strive to value the relationships, no matter how big or
small the customer.





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